GM to Unveil Next Upgrade of Slow-selling Volt Hybrid in January


GM to Unveil Next Upgrade of Slow-selling Volt Hybrid in January

General Motors Co. announced on Thursday it will unveil its next generation of Chevrolet Volt hybrid electric car in January. The current version is slow-selling.

The automaker did not reveal pricing details or driving scope of the 2016 Volt, which will launch at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Sources from a supplier have said before that the biggest car maker in the US intended to sell to models of the 2016 plug-in electricity-powered car, including a cheaper version with a smaller battery pack and shorter driving scope, Reuters reported.

In 2013, GM reduced the Volt’s price by $5,000 to help increase demand for the plug-in hybrid automobile in a market segment where users don’t pay much for the technology and are nervous about being stuck during a journey for lack of power. The volt also sports a gas engine to address the issue of driving range.

The current version sales at $35,000 and has a driving scope of about 40 miles on its electric power, with 380 miles of total driving range. However, sales for 2014 through July dropped about 9% from the previous year to 10,635 units.


The ELR coupe, the Cadillac form of the Volt, has also not picked up as only 578 such cars have been sold by GM over the seven-month period.

The automaker said its Detroit Hamtramck assembly factory would continue to make the Volt. In April, the company said it would use about $400 million to upgrade the factory’s tooling and equipment for the next generation Volt and two models of the future.

According to FoxBusiness, more units of the Volt have been sold than the Tesla Model S electric car. In July, GM sold around 2,020 Volts, but 1,500 Teslas were sold.

Many consumers say they want the Volt to travel further on a full charge before they can buy it.

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