Global Bitcoin Summit to Be Held in November This Year in Hong Kong


Global Bitcoin Summit to Be Held in November This Year at Hong Kong

In a press release the organizers of the Global Bitcoin Summit say that the event will be held in Hong Kong from November 28 to 29 this year. The 2014 Internet Finance Innovation CEO Summit (IFICS) is expected to provide comprehensive opportunities for Bitcoin stakeholders, investors, companies, regulators, etc. to learn and explore.

The announcement says that gathered in Hong Kong, the knowledgeable experts in Internet Finance and Digital Currency will again diagnose the situation and provide the attendees with the latest information about domestic and overseas regulations, trading platforms, digital currency trends, offshore financial services and innovative financial solutions.

Moreover, as Internet finance is growing rapidly with many new businesses and innovations, this is an attempt to explore the scope available for Bitcoin transactions. According to the organizers of the event advances in technologies, especially those in ICT, big data and cloud computing, will help unlock the value of Internet Finance to a great extent.

The press release says that as digital currency is probably the most revolutionary part of this change, crafting a totally new currency system that complemented with existing financial systems, the events like this will help further expand the scope and operation as well as reach. Inviting the attendees to explore the event, the organizers hope it will be successful fora.

According to the organizing committee the call for papers for the upcoming summit is open from now until September 30. It further announces that the prospective speakers are encouraged to submit their ideas for lectures, roundtables, and panels for the event. Speakers will be given thirty minutes to put their views on various issues.

Comprehensive Range of Topics to Be covered

The organizing committee informs that lectures are issue-oriented and expected to provide concrete examples, and contain both practical and theoretical information to help attendees explore then nuances well. Also, the 30 minutes long lecture will include answering questions from the audience.

According to a representative from the event they generally prefer only one speaker but may accept two if the participant can demonstrate the second person is necessary. A range of topics like Internet Finance Innovation, Digital Currency Innovation, Digital Asset Management, Digital Currency Security, etc. have been included the list.

Some other topics like Mining Equipment R&D, Innovation and Regulation, Digital Currency Offshore Trade and Exchange, Digital Currency Payment, New Model for Crowdfunding and P2P, Mobile Payment, Big Data for Financial Services, and Internet Credit to have been put in the list that the organizers are asking for papers on from the interested parties.

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