German Brewers up in Arms against Proposal to Legalize Fracking


German Brewers up in Arms against Proposal to Legalize FrackingGerman brewers are voicing concerns that fracking may pollute the water that is used in processing their famous beers.

This follows recent report that the government is drafting plans that seek to abolish the ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it is more commonly know. The decision has been prompted by an intense campaign by oil and gas companies and German industries, which are aiming to up competitiveness against their U.S. counterparts and cut reliance on Russian energy imports, reported the Financial Times.

However, local brewers are up in arms against the proposal, saying the move will ruin the purity of their water supplies. The Brauer-Bund, an umbrella organization that speaks for German brewers, is pushing for a law that protects brewing and drinking water from what they term as “the risks of fracking”.


Germany is the largest beer producer in Europe, with over 1,300 mostly private breweries most of which source water from private wells. Walter Bauer, a technical director at brewing firm Veltins, said that his company is desperate to ensure that its business stays “close to nature”.

“For us, it’s very important that our water resources stay pure,” Mr Bauer said. “We are in a nature park and have never had intensive farming in the area. We are proud of the fact that we have few minerals in the water, and no contamination.”

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