George Popescu, former CEO of BTPrime Joins Gatecoin as chairman of Advisory Board


George Popescu, former CEO of BTPrime Joins Gatecoin as chairman of Advisory Board

George Popescu, former CEO of BTPrime is joining Gatecoin as chairman of its advisory board. The latest appointment by the company to bring FX industry senior figure and Startup Mentor at MIT, is expected to bring new life to the organization. BTPrime entered insolvency at the beginning of this year following the market volatility.

Once BTPrime was bust, George Popescu returned to his specialist subjects within the very upper echelons of academia beckoned as he joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a Start up Mentor. The institute is viewed as one of the world’s very best educational establishments, and Mr. Popescu is more than familiar with its high standing.

Gatecoin is a Regulated Bitcoin Exchange in Hong Kong

As George Popescu joins, Gatecoin, a regulated Bitcoin exchange based in Hong Kong, the organization has become a center of talks. Talking about his engagement at the company, Mr. Popescu stated that Bitcoin is here to revolutionize how payments are made as Bitcoin payments are instantaneous, 100% safe, and by far the cheapest.

He also added that Bitcoin payment will impact humanity in the same way as paper money did when it replaced gold and silver coins. According to him throughout human history, Asia has always been a center for innovation and growth. Nonetheless, he is quite optimistic about Gatecoin when he says that it is in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Moreover, as Gatecoin is also working closely with banks and financial institutions to develop cost-efficient payment solutions, customers can expect some more features. The company has been electing a series of industry professionals to its advisory board, whose aim is to help Gatecoin exchange grows in the B2B market for digital currencies.

George Popescu comes with Rich Experience

He brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, banking, and trading exchange systems, which will help Gatecoin, grow and capture the B2B digital currency market. His existing remit at MIT involves advising MIT entrepreneurs (students, alumni, faculty, and staff) who are focusing on their personal development. The objective is to help them personally become successful.

Nonetheless, Popescu is also very much a venture capital specialist, as he is CEO of Backed Inc., an online lending platform, and Partner at LunaCap Ventures. As Popescu himself is an alumnus of MIT, having graduated with a Master of Science degree in Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science in 2007, knows the organization pretty well.

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