GAWMiners Brings the World’s Easiest-To-Use Bitcoin Miner, Hashlet Solo


GAWMiners Brings the World's Easiest-To-Use Bitcoin Miner, Hashlet Solo

The New ASIC resellers are popping up almost daily, making it nearly impossible to determine which is reliable, trustworthy, and stable; however, the situation with GAWMiners is that it has always been providing cutting edge technology for Bitcoin enthusiasts. It has now released the world’s easiest-to-use Bitcoin miner, Hashlet Solo

The company says that when the decision comes down to the best price and a crap shoot on who can deliver on their promises, GAWMiners is the power to reckon with. With its Hashlet Solo, selling $1M units overnight and giving yet another twist to the wildly successful Hashlet story, the company is going to win new loyal Bitcoin miners.

In a press release the company says that customers own Hashlet Solos and run them remotely in the popular and easy-to-use ZenCloud interface, which it acquired last month for $8M. According to the company they come in multiple varieties wherein each of which generates Bitcoins at specific rates and the charges are relative to the production.

Hashlet Solo Will Upgrade Overtime and Won’t Go Obsolete

A major worry among the Bitcoiners always is that the Bitcoin machines they use often go obsolete as new technology comes in; however, with Hashlet Solo there is no such issue as according to GAWMiners it will upgrade over time and will never grow obsolete. Also, the company says that Hashlet Solos are designed to completely remove the learning curve.

Learning curve is associated with cryptomining which makes it as easy to use as email; however, with Hashlet the owners can start mining Bitcoins instantly with no technical knowledge. Thus, according to CEO Josh Garza users can activate their Hashlet via email and receive guaranteed payouts by logging into their ZenCloud account at any time and generate Bitcoin.

Low Price Bitcoin Mining Machine Will Help Bring New People on the Board

Recently, GAWMiners bought in ZenCloud and and aims take Bitcoin mining to the next level and the company’s $9 million investment and launch of the Hashlet is part of the same goal. The company says that Hashlet Solo is expected to radically change the cryptomining scene by purging it of technical difficulty, delays, and crippling obsolescence.

The press release from the company informs that Hashlet Solo prices start at $16.95 each, with an estimated payback period of 2–4 months. The price has been kept low to attract average Joe to get into Bitcoin mining.

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