Gavin Andresen Quits Bitcoin Lead Development to Focus on Broader Currency Issues


Gavin Andresen Quits Bitcoin Lead Development to Focus on Broader Currency Issues

Bitcoin’s lead code developer Gavin Andresen has said he is stepping down to give way to his colleague Wladmir van der Laan, who is also well versed with the virtual currency’s core coding.

Andresen said he is not abandoning Bitcoin. He is only handing over core development responsibilities so that he can take up a bigger role as the currency’s chief scientist.

The developer is quoted by International Business Times as saying he will still be involved in creation and review of codes. He intends to continue providing input on technical aspects as well as “project priorities,” he said.

“I enjoy coding, and I think I’ll be most effective as Chief Scientist if I don’t lose touch with engineering reality and make the mistake of building huge, beautiful, theoretical castles that exist only as whitepapers,” Andresen stated in a blog post.

Andresen was formerly in charge of maintenance of the primary code that forms the pillar of the Bitcoin environment. He now becomes the Chief Scientist of Bitcoin, the entity responsible for issuing of Bitcoin standards, protection protocols and promotion of the digital currency across the globe.


Andresen congratulated his colleague through a tweet, saying he had agreed to take up the new position as core developer at Bitcoin.

Van der Laan, who takes over as the core Bitcoin developer, is a Dutch computer programmer with a PhD in computer graphics, attained at the University of Groningen. He’s not new to this role, having been involved in core code maintenance tasks on full-time basis before.

He’s been a highly active and successful Bitcoin contributor, having attained the highest number of GitHub commits, as CoinDesk reports.

In the past, Van der Laan has been involved in projects such as Dropship, which in 2011 made it possible to share private files on DropBox, revealing security lapses on the service.

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