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Gaming Portal Humble Bundle Now Accepting Bitcoins
Gaming Portal Humble Bundle Now Accepting Bitcoins

Two weeks back, it was BitPremier which listed the Bahamas most beautiful condos for sale, but only in exchange of Bitcoins. A few weeks back further, it was Norman Vielle who became the first car dealer to accept Bitcoins. In the successful Bitcoin’s acceptance continuity, the new addition is Humble Bundle, a famous game packages selling organization.

The organization recently accepted Bitcoins as one of their payment modes, along with the biggies like PayPal, Google Wallet, and Amazon Payments. Humble Bundle has also became the first game package sellers to accept bitcoins for its Double Fine Collection.

Mr. Joshua Knoles, a spokesperson of the organization, was there to elaborate the reason for their decision. “Customers have long clamored for a Bitcoin payment option” he said “so we have been working with financial transfer company Coinbase to enable that to happen.”

The recent announcement by Humble Bundle is hoping to boost Bitcoin popularity further. The virtual currency has been emerged as the world’s most widely used alternative currency, existing with approximately $1.25 billion.

On the other hand, the currency has also faced vast criticism from money regulators and government authorities, for its intractability and use in illegal activities. Recently CFTC head Bart Chilton, suggested that Bitcoins must be fall under strict regulation.

One way or another, Bitcoin has managed to make quite a wave among financial communities for its hardcore and unshakable encryption, and ability to circulate without paying any taxes, saving quite a bill eventually. Meanwhile, the future of this democratic currency still hangs between speculations.