Games Developer eGenesis is Launching ‘Dragon’s Tale’ Powered by Bitcoins

Games Developer eGenesis is Launching ‘Dragon’s Tale’ Powered by Bitcoins
Games Developer eGenesis is Launching ‘Dragon’s Tale’ Powered by Bitcoins

Games developer eGenesis has announced that it will be launching a public beta of Dragon’s Tale, which according to its spokesperson is the first massively multiplayer role-playing casino. However, the interesting thing about it all is that it will be powered by Bitcoin wherein people can play a collection of mini-games using this crypto currency.

A Lot of Choices for Players

The collection of games that you can play such as hunting for Dragon’s Eggs, catching fish, tipping cows, running monkeys through mazes, feeding ducks and playing sixty other games, etc. would now be possible with Bitcoin. Thus, after buying drinks in London or buying music records in Berlin, now you can also bet your Bitcoin in the games where most of them are luck-based and some of them are skill-based – they can help you make extra Bitcoin with some luck and some skill.

Though skeptics are out there to question whether anybody would like to stake his hard-earned Bitcoin on a bet, the eGenesis’ owner is confident about the latest introduction. The official website declares that Dragon’s Tale uses Bitcoins as chips. According to the website Bitcoins are a digital commodity that can be used for commerce and bartering.

The Website Also Provides Essential Information about Bitcoin

The website also informs about the ways to get Bitcoins; for instance, it says that these can be bought from the sources such as Mt. Gox and other Bitcoin exchanges as well as can be generated by the players on their own. The portal also helps buyers get Bitcoin or buy Bitcoin once they have created their character.

Bitcoin is definitely achieving mammoth popularity every passing day. Despite a steep fall in the prices of Bitcoin in the last couple of weeks, the crypto currency seems to be receiving vital support from the venture capitalists like Winklevoss Twins who are all set to popularize the currency and make it mainstream.

Even the leading Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has now allowed the USD withdrawal for the traders who were much worried about the two-week hiatus. The recently held London Conference also encouraged its thousands of supporters worldwide that the future is not bleak for this revolutionary currency.