Former Business Associates Launch Campaign against Alex Green


Former Business Associates Launch Campaign against Alex Green – Alex Green’s former business associates from MintPal recently reached out to the cryptocurrency community to fund their ongoing legal battle against him. They further posted enough evidence in a long post to prove the former MooPay CEO’s treachery to them, and to MintPal customers.

The two business associates, Michael and Ferdous, reportedly helped Green in acquiring the then-famous cryptocurrency exchange MintPal. They both recalled their earlier impression of Green as “generous, charitable and an [emerging] entrepreneur in the digital currency space.” As Ferdous writes, he and Michael agreed to cover the cost of MintPal’s acquisition, while Moolah was promised the 10% of MintPal’s revenue. In addition to this, Green was made responsible to fix the security of the trading platform, as he earlier cited himself as an “expert” in the field.

In the meantime, both the parties also agreed on establishing a new holding company, named Torihiki Limited, which was to “own the newly acquired MintPal service, and any further products or services that [they] as a group agreed to purchase, or develop internally.” Michael and Federous owned 65% of the total shares of Torihiki Limited, while Green and other Moolah employees was given the rest.

The health of the MintPal however deteriorated under Green’s supervision, as the world knows. He was clearly unable to build a better looking, and secure trading platform. His unnecessary inputs to the development process further made MintPal a buggy platform, after which it had to be taken offline. Shortly ahead, Green announced bankruptcy, citing lack of investors and loss of key customers as the main reason. He although ensured customers about the solvency of the platform.

The rest of the post mentioned everything we have read about, from Alex Green’s true identity exposure to his earlier scammer traits to him stealing the charity funds, everything at one place. The only new information that came out there was Green being an active seller of all this time. It is expected that the user going by the name of “LemonadeDev” is no one but Green, selling his own, or customers’ coins for fiat money.

This particular incident is alone enough to attract the victimized MintPal users. The profile mentioned above has sold over 1,500 BTC until this date, and is further holding over 4,000 BTC, ready for sale anytime. The account is inactive now, but might have moved to some other exchange, with a different name.

“At this point, we believe we have enough evidence of identity theft, fraud, and theft to bring Ryan to justice – and perhaps recover the stolen funds for MintPal’s customers, alongside Moolah/MooPay’s investors, by liquidating Ryan’s assets,” writes Ferdous.

If you are willing to fund this battle against Alex Green, you can make a donation at 1Dbn1PZtCn2ZeJgGm54f2var2rQyEhqT2C.

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