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Chief Editor: James Warner


Stas Augusto: is an experienced forex trader who specializes in writing the leading forex reviews. His understanding of the foreign exchange market makes his content extra special.

Danny Hanes: Danny enjoys sharing his insights into the latest forex related technology that hits the market on a daily basis. He is always happy to express his reviews of which direction each product is going.

Francis Campbell: Francis Campbell has been trading stocks and foreign exchange since 1983. Francis resides in New York City and travels the world to stay ahead of the goings on in the forex market.

Andy Hector: Andy was born in South Africa and he has expertise writing about the exotic currencies. He holds a degree from London Business School and has a wide array of investments.

Linda Weller: Linda is a forex market commentator, and she is an expert in writing forex eBooks and other popular education materials.

Daniel Jones: Daniel Jones is well known for writing high quality forex articles. He advises forex traders the best way to make money with minimum risk. He has 30 years of forex trading experience.

Yvonne Anderson: Yvonne is a forex market speculator. She often finds herself attending forex seminars to stay ahead of market developments and the latest news from forex brokers.

Michael Kawan: Michael Kawan is the Chief MarketStrategist at His insights have helped the team greatly combine to bring forex news to a global level.

Charles Bradley: Charles is a forex writer and a social media expert. He has been developing our social media with his great marketing knowledge. His 15 years of experience make him an integral member of our team.