Forex Minute Trade Plan – FX Signals 29/04/2014


Note: Take Profit Levels are considered ideal at 15 pips, 30 pips, but a trader can cash his trades whenever he feels comfortable and happy with. 



Current Price: 1.3823
Outlook: bullish consolidation.
Safe buying: Above 1.3852
SL @ 1.3805
Heavy selling: Below 1.3773



Outlook: Bullish.
Current Price: 1.6829
Keep buy open.
Good buying: Above 1.6846
SL @ 1.6785

Xau/Usd (Gold)

Current Price: 1296
Cash your sell trades profit.
Overall outlook: Consolidation (bullish)
Safe buying: Above 1306
Selling again: Below 1290

S&P 500
Current Price: 1870
Keep buy position open.
Shift SL from 1857 to 1864
Selling: Below 1862

Current Price: 16502
Keep buy position open.
Shift SL from 16415 to 16440
Sell: Below 16435



Outlook: Bullish
Current Price: 571
Cash all your heavy profit on buy trades from yesterday. Or stay long and shift SL from 556.5 to 580



Outlook: Bearish consolidation
Current Price: 517
Keep sell open.
Safe selling: below 511
SL 524 and 233

Outlook: Bullish consolidation
Current price: 437
Don’t trade it.
Safe buying: Above 445 and 455