70Trades Protects Clients from Investment Risks


The Forex market is volatile and trading is a risky business. 70Trades, probably one of the best reviewed trading platforms (read 70Trades review), solves this problem by making the clients’ funds safety its number one priority.

70Trades, the online trading firm which got into the trading scenario with the aim of simplifying trading for novices, takes all the necessary measures to provide its traders with a safe trading environment and to protect their funds.

One of the important safety measures is their protection policy that prevents their client’s account balance from going in negative. Traders never lose out more than the investment even in times of extreme market volatility, thanks to this policy.

70Trades has also set up a robust system of high level risk management, making them always prepared to face the instability of the Forex market. Their teams of professional financial experts make sure that their business and clients are always protected in such situations and don’t suffer losses.

Moreover, their partnership with a number of leading banks helps ensure easy deposits, as well as helps better protect the client’s capital by keeping it separate from the company’s capital.

The trading platform also ensures the client has full control over his/her account margin. 

This safety first approach along with great trading conditions, makes 70Trades one of the best trading platforms for not just novices but even seasoned traders.

In addition to that, 70Trades offers a wide variety of trading assets. Some of them are:


Forex is the largest market in the world. The fluctuation in the values of different currencies is what makes the Forex trading possible. At 70Trades one can trade in any currency pairs they want.


70Trades enables traders to speculate on the market value of commodities like gold, silver etc.


Traders can easily speculate on the fluctuations of stocks of leading companies like Apple, Google etc at 70Trades.


70Trades has all the indices in the portfolio for its clients to trade in.

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