Florida Sheriffs Association Moves to Led Campaign against Medical Marijuana


Florida Sherriffs Association Moves to Led Campaign against Medical MarijuanaFlorida’s move to legalize medical marijuana faces fresh opposition from a loose coalition of interest groups lead by Florida Sheriffs Association. The members include law officers and substance abuse groups.

The parties, whose common interest is to challenge the Amendment 2 that aims to legalize medical marijuana, are calling their campaign “Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot”. FSA is led by Sherriff Grady Judy of Polk County who claims the general public is unaware of the effects of legalizing the drug.

“We have an obligation to educate our constituents and the people we’ve sworn to protect,” Judd said, according to Orlando Sentinel. “How they vote is their decisions, and we’ll abide by their decisions. But we would be remiss by not pointing out that this amendment would allow teenagers to obtain medical marijuana; this amendment allows caregivers with the only restriction that they’re 21 years of age. They themselves can be dug dealers, convicted felons or your next-door neighbors.”


FSA intends to raise funds to conduct its campaigns through its Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot online portal. FSA isn’t allowed to directly tell voters to vote no on the proposed medical marijuana law due to its tax status, but is allowed to use the donations to conduct an educational campaign. A lobby Save Our Society From Drugs has joined FSA in its campaign.

Sheriff Judy, along with other parties under Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot, will face “United for Care”, an outfit led by John Morgan that lobbied for the amendment to go to the polls last year. The group has morphed into a campaign committee that is currently pushing for a yes vote and has so far spent $5 million to fund its campaigns. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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