First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Be Opened in Aurora


First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Be Opened in AuroraA Chicago entrepreneur plans to open a medical cannabis dispensary in Aurora, Illinoia. Andrew Glatz, an executive at Crown Height Realty, said he has included Aurora in a list of towns where he wants to operate a dispensary. He disclosed that he had notified the city authorities of his plans, though he is yet to table a formal proposal.

Once a business is given a state license and intends to start growing or selling medical marijuana in Aurora, it must submit an application for a special use permit, said Stephane Phifer, the city’s Planning Director, according to The Beacon-News.

Though Mr. Glatz complained that Aurora has “very restrictive” rules, he added that its proximity to the I-88 route makes it a great location. He said he intends to open five more dispensaries in other suburban towns such as Joliet.

“This business will be a destination location. Patients will drive two hours to get their medicine,” said Mr. Glatz. “I would love to locate in Aurora.”

Illinois State rules provide for a maximum of 60 medical marijuana dispensaries statewide, as well as 22 cultivation centers. The state Medical Cannabis Act was signed into law on August 2013 and began to be implemented in January this year. The state rules prohibit the 60 dispensaries from being located within 1,000 ft from the nearest day care center, existing school or childcare facilities.

City rules bar dispensary patrons from using medical marijuana on site, while dispensary workers must be at least 21 years old and have no criminal record. Aurora passed zoning regulations in July. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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