First Global Credit hires Jon Matonis as non-executive Director


First Global Credit hires Jon Matonis as non-executive Director

In a press release Gavin Smith, chief executive and founding director of First Global Credit informs that the company has hired Jon Matonis as a non-executive director. He said, “We are delighted to welcome Jon to the board; we have found we share a mutual vision for both the future of Bitcoin and how First Global Credit will fit into that ecosystem.”

Nonetheless, he hopes that Jon’s comprehensive knowledge and connections within the Bitcoin community will be extremely beneficial to the growth and development of the business. Interestingly, First Global Credit was the first company that offered investors the facility to trade stocks, commodities, and ETFs using Bitcoin as margin collateral.

Coming with wide experience managing all sorts of jobs, Jon Matonis was a Founding Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation and his career has included Executive positions at Hushmail, VeriSign and Tradehill. He also held senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank and VISA International. Thus, Jon is quite versatile as far as skills and work experience is concerned.

Apart from holding several jobs in the past, Jon has also been a regular contributor to publications like Forbes Magazine, American Banker, PaymentsSource, CoinDesk, etc. He is also editor of The Monetary Future. His monumental work on digital cash systems and financial cryptography has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics.

Jon Matonis Comes with Huge Experience in Bitcoin

He not just writes for reputed publications but also delivers lectures on Bitcoin and gives presentations around the world. So far he has addressed a wide variety of audiences, including members of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, SWIFT, IRS, DHS, payment networks, major financial institutions, iGaming operators, hedge funds, etc.

Reacting to his appointment as a non-executive director, Matonis said that the Bitcoin market is at a pivotal stage in its development. He added that having been adopted as a transaction currency by many, the next necessary step in Bitcoin’s evolution is to prove itself as a true investment vehicle, an instrument with a fully functioning Capital Market.

According to Jon Matonis First Global Credit is a visionary business and has been one of the first to bring to market services that allow the use of Bitcoin as a unit of investment. He admitted that he is looking forward to helping First Global take this vision to the next level.

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