First Bitcoin Party Formed by Christian Ander, a Stockholm Resident


First Bitcoin Party Formed by Christian Ander, a Stockholm Resident

Bitcoinparty has been founded by Christian Ander, a 35-year-old Stockholm resident with a degree in quantum physics. Apart from being the founder of the political party, he is a Bitcoin entrepreneur who formed Europe’s first over-the-counter exchange, His activities in the last two years have been at the front of Bitcoin promotion in the region.

Christian Ander describes his role in the Bitcoin community and says that he has been pushing Bitcoin acceptance and making it mainstream in Sweden and the Nordic countries has been his primary intention. Also, according to him the founding of the Bitcoinparty seems to be one of his best moves in getting Bitcoin connected to the common people.

He admits that Bitcoinparty is going to face challenges in Sweden as according to him it will be similar to what happened to a “liquid democracy party” in the country. He informs that this party which was started twelve years ago has been getting a lot of negative feedback and resistance from the other parties.

Therefore, according to Christian Ander even Bitcoinparty will probably face similar resistance as the party introduces real democracy. He says that the formation of Bitcoinparty means giving back control to the people and though the older parties don’t like this, it can definitely work with ‘liquid democracy party; which has a common agenda.

Financial Transparency is the Keyword

The official website of the Bitcoinparty says that it is for financial transparency wherein it dares to show financial situation and all financial transaction history, all savings, all mistakes, winnings and earnings might have done, etc. to the government. The organization says that if people want a decentralized monetary system without control, without banks & governments watching every financial move they make, they should go for Bitcoin.

The Bitcoinparty believes that just as people need the government to be transparent with spending their tax money, they need to see that they are transparent with their income & revenues. Thus, the stress is on transparency on the part of the people and the government both.

The organization believes that transparency lead to trust and it is a hygiene factor, when people have a healthy government serving the people with little corruption transparency does lead to improved trust. Christian Ander says that he is looking forward to seeing Bitcoinparty go international; however, before that he wants to test the grounds in Sweden.

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