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Sometimes, Santa comes in the form of a gaming platform., the famous MMORPG Bitcoin casino platform, has come up with special, holiday-seasoned Bitcoin gifts through its special Christmas game, called Christmas Trees.

In its previous editions, the seeds for Christmas Trees were bought via donation of 1btc to the faucet. The seeds can be planted at any time the player wants and they remain in the player’s ‘inventory’ even after they are no longer available for sale. 

Christmas Trees is clearly a chance to win more Bitcoin than you bet for. Though that is not the only motivation to play this game. The main two objectives of playing Christmas Trees are to increase the tree’s overall value and to keep the trees’ top lit. 

The lifespan of the tree increases with its overall value. The tree will eventually die if its lifespan doesn’t increase over the period of time. Moreover, the more expensive the ornaments on the tree, the prettier and more exotic the decorations are.

Another feature of the game is that when all the coals on the tree are converted into ornaments, the tree lights up. It is important to focus on keeping the tree lit and can be easily done by betting 1 ksat on coal.

The highest value of any tree can be easily checked by clicking on the tree and then selecting “Check the Tree’s Stats”. On doing so, a window pops up with all the required statistics of the tree and also with the information about its remaining lifespan if its value isn’t increased.

Christmas Trees is a unique idea to help the players celebrate the festival season, while also giving them the chance to win big Bitcoin rewards. offers a diverse range of luck based and skill based games, with a chance to earn hefty Bitcoin rewards. To know more about them and their services, click here.