Fernley City Council Bans Medical Marijuana Facilities within City Limits


Fernley City Council Bans Medical Marijuana Facilities within City LimitsThe Fernley City Council in Nevada approved a proposal to ban all medical marijuana operations within the city limits on July 9, following in the footsteps of Lyon County, which also voted to approve a similar measure last year.

Fernley’s Mayor LeRoy Goodman revealed that the city had received several inquiries from individuals who are seeking to open medical marijuana facilities in the city and said that the city will need to have a policy before the state application period to operate medical marijuana facilities kicks off on August 5-18, reported the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Meanwhile, the first medical marijuana facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada will open this weekend as questions remain unanswered concerning its legality. The lounge, which is called Farm Assists, won’t allow medical marijuana users to smoke the drug. The users must be registered to use the drug.


The store has a display that contains bongs and other marijuana accessories, and its owner Chris Enns intends to dispense medical marijuana in future. However, this plan puts the legality of the store in question. This is because Health Canada says dispensaries and stores that sell medical cannabis are illegal.

However, Enns is adamant regarding the stance, saying that he doesn’t believe he will be arrested. Already, there are drug charges pending in the court against Enns along with his fiancée Sherri Reeve after police raided the medical marijuana club that they operated Porter’s Lake in 2013.

“There’s always a fear that goes into the deepest core of our being that we will be raided again,” he says. “A year and a half ago we were raided and faced charges under the CDSA [Controlled Drugs and Substances Act] and many of those charges continue to roll through the courts, including a major constitutional challenge that will be unfolding this coming March.”

Health Canada says local authorities have the responsibility of dealing with medical marijuana facilities, while Halifax Regional Police warns that anyone found operating such an establishment will be considered as trafficking drugs. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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