Famous Clink Hostels Now Accepting Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies


Famous Clink Hostels Now Accepting Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies

After pubs, café houses, taxi/cab services providers, it was the turn of hostels to come up with initiative as now the famous Clink Hostels have announced that they are accepting Bitcoins. There could not be anything better than this for travelers who are visiting London as now they no longer have to stray into the fiat world to pay for their accommodation.

The much famed Clink Hostels are a chain of hostels in the UK capital which are the latest entry into Bitcoin club as they now accepting payments in both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The latest decision came when Clink Hostels, which owns two hostels in central London, including one in a former courthouse, agreed to give travelers one more payment option.
The person who played a vital role in the decision is Dave Double, sales manager for Clink. He is the one who encouraged the move towards Bitcoin payments and is heavily involved in digital currencies, mining Litecoin, qubitcoins, vertcoin and dogecoin, etc.

Though many of these except for Bitcoin are not so popular, no one knows what the future holds for them.

According to some travelers who are going to benefit from the latest decision on the part of Clink Hostels earlier they used to pay currency conversion fees; however, now it won’t be the situation. Currently, Clink Hostels use a straightforward QR code system for receiving payments, so travelers pay Bitcoin straight to Clink’s wallet.


Customers Still Don’t Have a lot of Faith on Bitcoin

However, the organization may later on change the feature and use a third-party payment processor, probably Coinbase. A major problem that small organizations like hostels face is that there is a sort of discouraging opinions among travelers. A lot of travelers have low confidence in the digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Though converting Bitcoin to fiat and fiat to Bitcoin has been solved to a great extent, the public perception that these digital currencies are volatile and have been subject to a lot of criticism for being involved in drug trafficking and money laundering make them unsafe. A lot of things that have happened recently tend to discourage travelers.

The hostel chain owners are willing to move forward and wish there is a more acceptance to the digital currencies on the part of the governments as according to them this is the one factor that can encourage new entities, especially, the small sized organizations to prefer Bitcoin and give leverage to customers.

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