Facebook’s Profit Potential

Facebook’s Profit Potential
Facebook’s Profit Potential

Facebook’s Profit Potential

The profits for the social networking giant can further increase as the investor’s confidence in the company’s stocks is increasing, where Facebook’s rating was maintained at buy by the St. Louis based brokerage and investment banking firm. Also, the price target has been raised for the social media giant from its previous high of $56 a share to $65 a share.

As far as the revenues are concerned, the company’s new business division ‘Instagram’ and its mobile video advertising strategies can surely put the revenues on a growing streak as advertisements have been proved a significant source of revenue generation for the company in the last year as well.

Apple’s Charm

According to the reports by the analyst of Canaccord Genuity, the sales of Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPad Air in the holiday season were magnanimous and are expected to continue until at least March which is the first quarter end for the company of 2014.

Moreover, as the iPhone maker has dealt with China Mobile too where its upcoming series of iPhone 5 would be launched on China Mobile as well, which in turn has healthy chances of increasing the sales till the first quarter and also has the ability to offset the variable decline that was witnessed in the Western carrier iPhone sales due to seasonality factors.


The other smartphone makers have not come up with some innovation recently, which may give Apple an edge right now, hence the investors are looking a bit positive towards the stocks where the shares of Apple gained by nearly 2 percent where the price has now tested the $546 level.

Smartphone Sales – Humungous

The world is really getting smart, since the sales of smartphone all over the world are estimated to breach the level of 1 billion units in this year of 2014, which could shape the technology sector massively. This increase in sales would be more than 12% from the level of sales that were recorded in 2013; moreover, the smartphones are expected to reach to almost half of the mobile user base population over the next few years.

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