Eyeing Remittance Market in Mexico, meXBT Launches Professional Trading Platform


Eyeing Remittance Market in Mexico, meXBT Launches Professional Trading Platform

Mexico has a huge remittance market thanks to millions of Mexicans working in the US, understanding the requirement and opportunity as well, meXBT, a leading Bitcoin exchange, has launched a professional trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Based in Mexico the company is led by a team of pioneers who are enthusiastic about digital currencies.

The announcement from the Mexican digital currency exchange came in Las Vegas this Sunday at Money 20/20, one of the largest and most prominent conferences for payments and financial services innovation worldwide. The event is being organized in a large scale to provide avenues to companies and professionals to launch their products and get free publicity.

Attractive Opportunity for the Bitcoin Company

As meXBT wants to expand Mexico and other countries in the Latin American market with a lot of scope for remittance sent from the US by Mexicans, the launch was in the pipeline for some time. It showcased its service in combination with AlphaPoint, the exchange technology solutions provider that powers the platform and user experience.

AlphaPoint provides the infrastructure for the exchange back-end, removing the need to hire developers. Talking at the occasion AlphaPoint CEO Vadim Telyatnikov said that Bitcoin is still waiting for a killer app with a good value proposition and that he believes meXBT may be able to bring that to the Latin American region.

He was heard saying that remittance would be that grab, and the focus on how local regions are making it easy to get access to pesos or digital currencies is going to be a very powerful one. Similar views were shared by Gabriel Miron, CEO and Founder of meXBT who said that they were ‘excited’ at the launch of the platform.

Partnering With AlphaPoint to Reduce Fees

Miron added that the exchange had been made possible with the help of their technology partner AlphaPoint with the help of which it will lower fees and addressing opportunities such as remittances and international commerce throughout Latin America. Thus, from the statement it all seems set to cash in the attractive remittance market.

Similarly, COO and cofounder Joel Cano called Money 20/20 an ideal setting in which to debut meXBT as it extends beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to banking and FinTech. He added that the company’s banking partnerships are critical to the success of Bitcoin and of meXBT in Mexico and Latin America.

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