Expresscoin Adds New Cryptocurrencies into its Platform


Sunset – Expresscoin, the rebranded avatar of famous Bitcoin and Dogecoin exchange Cash into Coins, is slowly expanding its market by covering other coins as well. Under this scheme, the company recently asked its extensive user base to vote for the altcoins they wish to see integrated into Expresscoin. In response, a substantial number of votes were casted and in the end, few coins were selected to be added in the Santa Monica-based exchange.

Much to everyone’s surprise, one coin among the selected ones is Darkcoin – a cryptocurrency well-known for its anonymity features. It is indeed a great time for people to recognize the potential of Darkcoin as the next best cryptocurrency. It might be the only coin which, despite of being just months old, was able to build an impeccable infrastructure – including a strong community and secure network – that eventually brought it in the list of top market caps.


The other coin that has been added to Expresscoin family of cryptocurrencies is BlackCoin. The coin is well known for its wide community and is recently in news for its role in number of upcoming projects. It might be the only currency which is bringing the concept of “smart contracts” that too under the banner of its very own decentralized exchange BlackHalo.

Last, but not the least, it is Litecoin that has been embraced by Expresscoin. With no words left to describe Litecoin’s journey to become the second wealthiest and one of the mostly traded cryptocurrencies of present times, one can understand why it received enormous amount of votes to be integrated into Expresscoin.

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