eXbino Offers Diverse Binary Options Trading Accounts for Small Traders


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ForexMinute.com — Renowned binary options platform eXbino offers different types of trading accounts to suits each and every clients’ needs.

The broker, which is regulated under the existing European laws, believes in offering endless possibilities to its dedicated client-base. Its accounting features cater for everyone — be it a trader looking to trade small or an investors willing to go ahead of the curve in terms of investing. For both casual and professional traders, eXbino emerges as an attractive hub.

The first and the foremost account offered by eXbino is Standard Account. This account type is particularly aimed at attracting small or novice traders. But despite being termed as “standard”, this account comes with several attractive features to woo even small traders.

It only takes 200 EUR to start trading with eXbino Standard Account, and the first deposit also brings an additional 25% bonus. The users of this account are also given one free withdrawal each month, as well as free educational material, personal account manager, and a HOW-TO-DO guide to help through eXbino’s binary options trading platform.

The next in the line is eXbino Trader Account, a type of account which caters for traders with medium-level knowledge of binary options. Compared to its “standard” counterpart, the Trader Account requires traders to deposit a minimum of 1000 EUR to get started. This first deposit is further suited with an additional 50% bonus, alongside two-three free withdrawals per month. The Trader Account also offers an additional 2% payout which makes it a hell-of-an-attractive trading account to trade at.

While the Standard and Trade Account are focused on traders with lighter investments, its other account types are more inclined towards addressing the needs of traders with higher stakes. These accounts are: VIP Account, VIP Plus Account and VIP and Forex Account.

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