eXbino Launches Weekly Binary Options Trading Tournament Featuring $25k Prize Package



ForexMinute.com — Renowned binary option broker eXbino has launched a weekly trading tournament featuring $25,000 worth of prizes.

The competition — which pits traders against one another to select a winner with best trading skills — is one of the fairest tournaments out there. It never focuses on the size of investments made by traders nor does it cares about the trade volume coming from each participant; instead, the competition solely determines its winners by their winning trade percentage, i.e. their talents.

“The trading tournament is a test of skill and ability,” eXbino states. “The traders who achieve the longest continual run of successful trades will gain the highest tournament rankings and qualify for their share of the weekly $25,000 Prize Package.”

Based on the package values, each shortlisted trader gets to win something at the end of the each week. For instance: winning traders with package value of $11,500 win $8,000 cash for their trading account, supplemented further with 10 Risk Free Trades, a free 2-month package for Binary Signals, and award-winning educational material.

Just as package value decreases, the cash prize and risk free trades also get reduced in similar proportions. The traders with lowermost package values receive expensive Apple products instead of the cash prize.

About eXbino:

eXbino is one of the longest-existing binary options platform in the European market, being the only provider with full support of the Polish language. Besides experience in the Polish market, we also provide full support in English, Russian, Czech and German as well. Binary options are the simplest financial instrument in the world that makes it possible to invest in currencies, commodities, stocks, and stock exchange indices.

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