European Stocks Little Changed

European Stocks Little Changed
European Stocks Little Changed

European Stocks Little Changed

With regards to share market news, the European session has started here on Tuesday where the stock markets are moving very slowly as there is a German bank holiday today; moreover, the investors are eying towards the consumer confidence data that is set to be released later today in the U.S. session.

However, we saw the Asian shares soared today as the investors tend to follow what happens previously on Wall Street where the bulls are still in control over the market and have not given a correction to fill the upward gap it gave on 24th December. The year is set to end on a good note for the stock markets not only in the U.S. but also in the Asian market, where they have gained at record levels this year.

City Bulls

On top of that, City Group Inc. has recommended investors to go long on the shares as the momentum is still bullish. FTSE index has gained by 0.1% till now where a good movement might be seen in the start of the U.S. session.


What Statistics Say

According to the statistics, the global equities managed to gain more than $9.5 trillion in the year 2013 as the driving factor was mainly the stimulus plan of the Federal Reserve that helped the economy of the United States to get in a better shape, plus but stressing the European economy to get out of the recession.

$9.5 trillion is one massive figure and would be quite mind-blowing for all of us but yes the stimulus plan was also worth $85 billion per month, so the impact has to be there that also allowed the Asian market to prosper including that of Japan.

In short, the year 2013 was a bullish year for the currencies and as well as the stock markets, but on the contrary it was an awful year for the commodities including gold since it is no longer considered as a safe haven, well at least for now.

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