European Equity-Indexes Up, Australian and Indian Stocks Up

European Equity-Indexes Up, Australian and Indian Stocks Up
European Equity-Indexes Up, Australian and Indian Stocks Up

European Equity-Indexes Up, Australian and Indian Stocks Up

Indian stocks are up today and the benchmark BSE index up 0.41 percent and the broader NSE index higher 0.36 percent at the time of reporting. Earlier, European equity-index futures increased as the euro traded near an 11-week low. There is also a better prospect for Asian stocks and commodities that rose today.

Commodities like silver, gas and nickel are moving up today. Major Southeast Asian stock markets are moving up. At 0516 GMT TR SE Asia Index traded at 377.81, it gained slight. A similar trend was seen in Singapore stock index where it traded at 2984.25 whereas it closed earlier at 2960.09, a growth of 0.82.

Other regional stock markets in Southeast are faring better today. Whereas Kuala Lumpur traded at 1789.51 at 0516 GMT up from the earlier traded 1785.88, Bangkok was trading at1286.07 slightly up from 1280.25. Indonesian stocks too faring better today as the Jakarta index gained close to 0.46 growths and traded at 4404.65, earlier the last day it closed at 4384.31.

Whereas index at Manila was up at 5932.53, a slight growth from the yesterday’s 5908.41, Ho Chi Minh based index was trading lower at 555.67. Earlier yesterday, Ho Chi Minh closed at 556.52; thus, it is a decline of 0.15. However, it was Singapore stock market that caught the eyes of investors as they rebounded from a 14-month closing low.

The stock market in Thailand too went up as Thai SET index traded up 0.5 percent at 1,286.07 where major gainers were CP All Pcl and Airports of Thailand. The country has been facing a lot of political turmoil recently and the economy had to suffer due to massive protests.


Twitter Stocks Experiences a Dip of 18% in Stock Prices

Earlier major concern among investor was that Twitter stocks fell massively. After mega successful debut, the company seems to have to lost the way and now analysts are saying that it will have to find a way to make its social network easier for users to navigate if it wants to be a Wall Street success.

Twitter experienced a dip of 18 per cent in stock prices at the close of Wednesday. The fall is quite quick in the sense that it was their first financial report since a successful public offering last November. The user-experience has to be improved and according to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo they were making improvements to the site that he believes will lead to better results next time.

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