eTravelSmart Partners with Unocoin to Help Users buy Tickets Paying Bitcoin


Unocoin Bitcoin Parternship ticket booking

India’s most popular Bitcoin wallet and merchant payment processor Unocoin has entered into a partnership with eTravelSmart to allow users in the country purchase tickets using Bitcoin. The company which has emerged as one of the most user-friendly Bitcoin payment processor is heading towards new found success in collaborating with various companies.

The latest partnership with eTravelSmart is expected to help Bitcoin users book tickets fast and cheap as well as conveniently. Talking to media professionals a representative from eTravelSmart said that the online bus ticket booking portal eTravelSmart has partnered with India’s most popular Bitcoin wallet and merchant payment processor Unocoin.

Thus, with the partnership it will allow users in the country to purchase tickets using Bitcoin. Additionally, this is going to help the company support all possible safe, simple and reliable payment solutions to its customers while purchasing bus tickets through the official portal. Moreover, as Bitcoin goes even more popular than ever, demand will go up as well.

The company believes that as Bitcoin community and user base in India is increasing, it has decided accept Bitcoin payments along with other payment gateways. A common understanding in the company is that the Bitcoin community and industry in India is growing, and Bitcoin, as both a currency and technology, is being understood by the Indian population.

Nonetheless, the portal is already seeing a few sales in Bitcoin and expects an increase in sales each month. The eTravelSmart team admits that Bitcoin community in India is maturing and people started understanding it now and it sees many Bitcoin meetup happening in India to encourage and educate people to use and popularize it.

Bitcoin will become Popular, Sales will go up

There is firm belief in the company’s team that they will be able to increase Bitcoin transactions multifold once it is able to convince many users to use the digital currency while buying tickets. Nonetheless, the eTravelSmart team was careful in selecting companies that were fully compliant with India’s Bitcoin regulations to ensure that the customers’ payments are secure.

It has come to notice that the company chose to accept Bitcoin in order to differentiate from its competitors. Also, by implementing a globally trending technology, the company hopes to meet all customer needs. The online bus ticket booking portal in India is unique and always thinks of customer needs. The company says:

We always want to give best in the industry, solve customer concerns and problems in online booking. We have introduced many unique features which are not there in any other competitor websites in India.

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