Entrepreneur Roger Ver Doubles an Earlier Pledge of $10,000 for Antiwar.com


Entrepreneur Roger Ver Doubles an Earlier Pledge of $10,000 for Antiwar.com

Antiwar.com that began accepting Bitcoin donations in November 2012 is expected to receive $20,000 in donations as Bitcoin entrepreneur and now philanthropist Roger Ver has doubled an earlier pledge of $10,000 in Bitcoin to the activist site. Though earlier Ver had pledged up to $10,000 in matching BTC donations to the “non-interventionist” campaign site in August, he decided to double it.

The current campaign runs until 14th December and according to director of operations Angela Keaton they had debated it for a while and put a lot of thought into it. Nonetheless, as the organization was the early adopter of Bitcoin, it has an edge when it comes to donation in the digital currency. Readers who were mining Bitcoin and wanted to use it to donate prefer Antiwar.com.

Nonetheless, the Antiwar.com website, a repository of news writing and opinion columns on non-aggression and pacifist causes, with up-to-date information on conflicts happening around the world, has seen donations going up since it started accepting the digital currency. It also coordinated with Drew Phillips of Bitcoin Not Bombs.

Drew Phillips developed a system for accepting Bitcoin that was so simple, integration became almost inevitable. Launched during the presidency of Bill Clinton, Antiwar.com devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, greens, and independents alike, a group that advocates Bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin Not Bombs

The group believes that Bitcoin can stop war as it could aid the pacifist cause and stop war by removing governments’ control over money and thus its power to fund conflicts. Even Ver admits that Bitcoin’s mostly-anonymous nature is often touted as being effective for donations to political causes where donors don’t want to be identified.

The new avatar of Ver wherein he has become activist has come after he made prolific investments in Bitcoin companies. He made attractive returns and gave 1000 BTC in donation in November 2013 to the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEE) and he has previously donated for retweets of his link to the Free Ross Ulbricht campaign.

Ver also created site Bitcoin Bounty Hunter that promises Bitcoin rewards for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of notable Bitcoin-world crimes like the Mt Gox theft, hackers of his and Satoshi Nakamoto’s online accounts.

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