Emerging Cryptocurrency to Raise Money for Street Child World Cup


Emerging Cryptocurrency to Raise Money for Street Child World Cup

ForexMinute.com – If you are an avid explorer of cryptocurrencies, you might have possibly heard of Karmacoin – a new digital currency aimed at spreading righteousness among communities. Since its inception months back, the Cryptocurrency community has come across various ventures launched by the Karma team, aimed solely at helping people and building up strong relationships. The coin this time has taken a further leap, and has launched a new fundraiser to benefit the Street World Cup, Rio 2014.

The new venture is called Karma World Cup 2014 which involves people to bet on the upcoming FIFA World Cup, Rio. As per the information given on the Karma’s website, there is a whopping 20% share of the overall bets that will be given to the Street Child World Cup 2014. Excerpt:

“20% will go to the Street Child World Cup charity. This group has been building a charity around the mission of serving the underprivileged and most vulnerable members of the host country, the children living on the streets. We encourage you to research more into this wonderful organization.”


On the other hand, the 80% of the total pool will be given to the winning country, along with its supporters. So if suppose, there is only one person who own the entire pool to himself and his team wins the world cup, then he will be given the 80% of the entire pool. The same can be said with an instance of two persons betting and winning. In this case, they both will be given 40% each of the entire pool; and so on.

More information on this whole program is available here.

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