Elizabeth Ploshay Joins BitPay

Elizabeth Ploshay Joins BitPay
Elizabeth Ploshay Joins BitPay

Elizabeth Ploshay Joins BitPay

With a lot of experience working as the Manager of Communications at Bitcoin Magazine, Elizabeth Ploshay, is moving to Atlanta-based digital currency payments processor BitPay. She will be working as Account Manager. The new job she has earned is in addition to an Individual Seat she holds on the Bitcoin Foundation board.

Writing about the new appointment she says that as Bitcoin is a social, political, and economic game-changer, a top priority is using this currency to aid organizations and individuals who can benefit the most from it. She further elaborates that BitPay is not just working to educate for-profit companies; rather, contributing a lot to other purposes.

She gives examples like the role of BitPay in the success of non-profits and charitable organizations which have started accepting the digital currency thanks to the successful persuasion. A lot of non government organizations in the past couple of months have started accepting Bitcoin and use BitPay as payment processor.

Talking about her experience as former Congressional Staffer in Washington DC and her role as Account Manager at BitPay, she says that she hopes to use the experience and bring Bitcoin, and BitPay, into as many political campaigns as possible. She believes that the jump to join Atlanta-based digital currency payments processor BitPay was though difficult was necessary.

Ploshay says that leaving Bitcoin Magazine was a difficult decision to make; however, this change will allow her to concentrate her time on expanding the Bitcoin user-base and fully support the work of the strongest Bitcoin Company, BitPay. She believes that as the advancement of technology is opening new doors, people should be included in it.


Acquisition of New Clients Going to Be Main Focus

Her role as Account Manager will give her ample scope and space to bring in more merchants and clients and help the company and the digital currency reach to new people and regions. Though, BitPay which has been operating for a couple of years now have gained a lot of business and clientele, the knowledge she holds will help it further.

Even the official blog of BitPay admits that Ms. Elizabeth Ploshay is now working with BitPay and her role as an Account Manager will help BitPay to get new partners. Acquiring a talent to expand the business and reach is not new for BitPay as quite recently it hired ex- visa executive Tim Byun. He will be working as the new compliance officer with the company.

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