The Eléutera Foundation Partners Mimetic Markets to Provide Bitcoin to Residents of Honduras


The Eléutera Foundation Partners Mimetic Markets to Provide Bitcoin to Residents of Honduras

Understanding the various benefits that Bitcoin can bring for the residents of Honduras, the Eléutera Foundation which was formed in Honduras in 2013 to promote the ideas of classical liberalism, or “social and economic liberty,” has partnered with the software developer Mimetic Markets to increase Bitcoin accessibility.

Now, it looks like the residents of Honduras will have access to the digital currency as Mimetic Markets’ signature product application programming interface (API) for trading in cash and futures contracts will be providing them the service. Bitcoin has long been touted as the best payment method for transactions in developing nations.

Moreover, as the software from Mimetic Markets comes as a plug’n’play solution, Eléutera saw it as a suitable solution for those in Honduras who want to start trading without the hurdle of having to build trading software themselves. Sameer Parekh Brenn, CEO of Mimetic Markets this is a better solution as there is no need to hire separate app.

He added that if someone wants to expose their local market and launch a Bitcoin exchange without having to hire a platform [developer] and spend several months working on an integration measure, he can have his exchange running in minutes using our platform Sputnik Exchange Engine.

It is to be noted that Honduran residents are experiencing the highest rate of government currency devaluation in all of Central America and in such a situation the ease of access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets will offer the country a much-needed opportunity to rescue their wealth from politically-controlled forms of money.

Bitcoin is in Consonance with the Idea of Eléutera Foundation

Nonetheless, even Eléutera Foundation’s executive director, Guillermo Peña admits that M2 is exactly what they needed to jump-start this initiative that is already attracting the attention of a lot of people. According to him their objective to officially launch an exchange market for cryptocurrencies and other commodities will soon become a reality.

The organization believes that cryptocurrency fits right in with its stance of classical liberalism, which advocates for private ownership of property and the free trade thereof. According to the organization anyone who’s used Bitcoin can testify, cryptocurrency makes the free trade of property as easy as sending an email.

Nonetheless, the essential belief is that Hondurans will now get the chance to see that buying, selling, saving and gambling can be as easy as sending an email, too thanks to Bitcoin.

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