eGifter Introduces Incentives for Litecoin, Bitcoin Users


eGifter Introduces Incentives for Litecoin, Bitcoin Users – It has been over a month since the renowned social gifting company eGifter started to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as one of the payment methods thanks to their tie-up with another renowned digital currency payment platform GoCoin.

eGifter is now indulging itself in more ventures that could help it grasp the attention of the cryptocurrency clan. The electronic gift card provider has thus announced yesterday that it will be offering special incentives for customers who use Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and none the least Litecoin at the time of transaction.


This incentive will include a whopping 3% discount, which is by far the highest form of deductible offered by eGifter if one notices its incentives for PayPal (2%) and credit cards (1%). The company has indeed favored the cryptocurrency users to encourage them more into buying from them.

eGifter’s CEO Tyler Rowe however credits the low cost of transactions involved with the decentralized form of payments. “Because cryptocurrencies cost less for transactions, we’re excited to be able to offer higher returns for those purchases to encourage additional usage,” he says.

The kind words by Tyler not only signifies the growing acceptance of digital currencies at eGifter, but also gives us an idea how much these currencies are flourishing at a larger scale. Earlier, companies like Gyft, Starbucks and Coin for Coffee have offered similar cost savings for cryptocurrency users.

This is just because of the fact that merchants are able to generate more revenues with Bitcoin and any other leading altcoin than they generate with any traditional payment option. So the chances for customers to receive a well-discounted deal is much more as it hardly affects the revenue of merchant thanks to low cost transactions as explained by Tyler Rowe.

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