ECommPay Partners with GoCoin to Assist Merchants Accept Bitcoin


ECommPay Partners with GoCoin to Assist Merchants Accept Bitcoin

ECommPay, a payment processing company that claims to provide innovative and elegant payment solutions to its client merchants, has now partnered with international digital currency payment gateway GoCoin. The partnership according to the two companies is aimed to assist merchants in accepting transactions carried out in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, a digital currency that has disrupted the way international financial system has been carried out is emerging as a major choice for payment among people. Understanding the requirements from the merchants who wish to accept Bitcoin payment from their customers for their goods and services, ECommPay decided to team up with GoCoin.

Bitcoin to Help the Merchants Increase Turnover

According to the announcement the new frontier of payment systems is now open to ECommPay clients, promising an increase in turnover and customers satisfied with the payment tools available. Nonetheless, Bitcoin is advantageous in the e-Commerce marketplace on the basis of its low commission fees, rapid processing times.

Also, as there is the lack of location restrictions for either party involved in the payment process, Bitcoin is extremely suitable for international transactions. Nonetheless, merchants furthermore benefit from the possibility of microtransactions carried out in Bitcoin currency. The two companies seem to have understood that Bitcoin is the solution for them now.

Talking about the entire development and the decision to team up with GoCoin, ECommPay’s Chief Technology Officer, Denis Astafiev said that Bitcoins blockchain is a public ledger of every transaction providing the ultimate transparency and confidence to each party that a payment has been sent.

Bitcoin has emerged as the Most Well-Known Digital Currency Says ECommPay’s CTO

Bitcoin has emerged as the Most Well-Known Digital Currency Says ECommPay’s CTO

According to him Bitcoin has emerged as the most well-known digital currency payment systems in the world today. He believes that the cryptography applied to cryptocurrencies has immense potential – having initially gained popularity amongst small groups of enthusiasts and tech start-ups, Bitcoin surpassed this audience to enter the mainstream.

He was quoted saying that an entire industry has centered around cryptocurrency technologies, suggesting, on the one hand, Bitcoin’s place as an established alternative payment instrument, and, on the other, driving its development ever further.

Moreover, as ECommPay has long recognized the benefits presented by decentralized payment systems, working with its partners to offer clients the unique opportunity of accepting payments via cryptocurrencies.

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