eBay Unit Hopeful to Adapt Bitcoin


eBay Unit Hopeful to Adapt Bitcoin

ForexMinute.com – Over time, we have been hearing about major online retailers and businesses’ plans to accept cryptocurrencies as payments. While some of them have already started to accept them as one, few are still planning the revolutionary integration. eBay is counted among the latter, which have been monitoring Bitcoin’s growing adaption from a long time. And now, it has cleared its stance on the matter.

As confirmed by The Wall Street Journal, the ecommerce shark is reportedly meeting several Bitcoin payment processing companies in regards to integrating the digital currency payments on its subsidiary Braintree.


Braintree was acquired by eBay last year in an expensive deal worth $800 million. This payment processing platform is also providing services for other websites including the likes of Github and Uber. This simply means that any sort of Bitcoin integration into Braintree would make its payment options available on multiple online companies. But there are few obstacles as well.

It is speculated that most of eBay’s meetings with multiple Bitcoin payment processing companies have concluded into nothing. The ecommerce company however is speculated to reach an agreement with Coinbase, as per the WSJ has written in its report. Coinbase currently handles the Bitcoin services of some of the world’s major companies like Dell, Dish, Overstock, Reddit and Expedia.

In the end, the most ultimate hope here is the integration of Bitcoin on eBay and PayPal. There have been numerous reports early regarding this agreement. However, both the companies have always shied away from revealing their plans on the superbly growing Bitcoin. eBay’s decision meanwhile adds some more points to the expanding Bitcoin economy and injects positivity for some really great news in future.

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