E-Coin, the Bitcoin Start up, Launches Bitcoin Debit Card that Works Where VISA Accepted


E-Coin, the Bitcoin Start up, Launches Bitcoin Debit Card that Works Where VISA Accepted

This is going to be one the most awaited event not just for Bitcoin start-up E-Coin but also for a lot of its customers as the company has launched a virtual Bitcoin debit card that works where VISA is accepted. Hither to, the virtual Bitcoin debit card has existed in the realm of possibilities largely due to the idiosyncrasies of the global financial system.

It is evident that with the launch, E-Coin solves a problem that has affected Bitcoin users worldwide as they have had to cope with limited spending opportunities. Now that the new product is being launched where it is combining Bitcoin with VISA, it is going to help the users of the virtual prepaid card.

Normal Transactional Experience for the Users

Now on the users will be able to perform all the normal transactions that ordinary cardholders are able to do such as load funds, withdraw, and shop online. Nonetheless, the most exciting aspect about E-Coin is its merging of the traditional financial architecture with the new reality of digital currencies.

Thus, with the latest offer, E-Coin is going to help its 20,000 customers spread out in 173 countries worldwide. According to the people behind the launch, the E-Coin card is bound to excite developers and the general crypto community since it now allows anyone to spend Bitcoin at any website that does not accept it as yet.

E-Coin also informs that the card can also be used for third-party services such as PayPal and ApplePay. The company informs that setting up of E-Coin is easy as the users just need to open an account. Like all other similar products, the E-Coin virtual debit card is subject to withdrawal and spending limits.

Physical Bitcoin Debit Cards for Easy Using

Interestingly, there is a provision that says that these can be increased after submitting verification documents. Moreover, as E-Coin offers physical Bitcoin debit cards, the users are going to have better experience while dealing with the digital currency. This is one of the most cherished features that have been observed in the card.

Talking about the deal Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder and spokesperson for E-Coin said that they would need banking partners to deal with local complaints. Additionally, he clarified that though his firm has sealed this partnership with Visa, it might start to work with MC.

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