Durise, a crowdfunding real estate company in the UAE Now Accepting Bitcoin


Durise, a crowdfunding real estate company in the UAE Now Accepting Bitcoin

In an announcement, Durise, a crowdfunding real estate company in the UAE, says that it is now accepting payment from investors in Bitcoin. The message regarding the decision came from the official website wherein CEO Waleed Esbaitah said that although Bitcoin may seem revolutionary to traditional investors this has long been a region that is an early adopter of new technology and new trends.

Waleed Esbaitah further added that many of their investors like the idea of Durise because it is a tech-based investment and thus it follows that these same investors are already highly literate in all other areas of technology, including Bitcoin. Nonetheless, Dubai which has become a financial center has all the potential to become a Bitcoin center.

Admitting the fact that Bitcoin can play a pivotal role in his business, Waleed Esbaitah said that it was a natural next step for his company to accept and even encourage payment in Bitcoin as it does not want to deter young, tech-savvy investors by only accepting traditional payment methods.

According to him, his company wishes to open the UAE real estate market for international investors who actively adopted Bitcoin as part of their investment currency. Not a lot of companies accept Bitcoin in the region and in such a situation the decision by Durise is definitely going to prompt others to embrace the digital currency.

Accepting Bitcoin Will Bring in Techno savvy Investors

Waleed Esbaitah says that he believes that Bitcoin can become a standard means of payment both in real estate and other major investments, and according to him everyone knows how Bitcoin works so it’s not a crazy concept anymore, but a reality. Nonetheless, he also believes that people will embrace Bitcoin as soon as it is introduced to them.

He says that the same people who are attracted to new ways of doing business are also attracted to new ways of payment, which is which is why Durise is the perfect option for young tech-savvy investors as well as experienced investors are forward thinking and can see the benefits to using technology to make business transactions easier and simpler in general.

The official website of Durise says that investors will be able to sign up with it after going through the investment process. It dictates that they will be given the option to invest using regular currencies, or by using Bitcoin.

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