DriveWealth Allows Users to Fund Account with Bitcoin


DriveWealth Allows Users to Fund Account with Bitcoin – DriveWealth, LLC – a widely recognized mobile investment platform – became the first financial service provider to allow its customers to fund their accounts with cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The company meanwhile also announced to integrate with the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processing company BitPay to ensure security and flexibility of the entire project.

“Providing users with the added security of bitcoin as a payment method makes the whole process easier, and gives users peace of mind,” says Tony Gallippi, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of BitPay. “With Bitcoin, users will no longer have to wait days or weeks for an account to be funded because this integration will make their deposit process seamless.”

And indeed, DriveWealth seems to have been taking Bitcoin very seriously while focusing to provide customers a flexible and speedy method to fund their accounts. The company understands the futuristic finance Bitcoin brings to the table when it comes to making international transactions smoother, while staying much secure and handy than the traditional payment methods. Much can be explained better with the statement of DriveWealth CEO Robert Cortright in which he says:

“In our busy mobile world, investors want easy access to financial markets with secure payment options. With BitPay, they don’t have to worry about their financial information being compromised.”

Bitcoin’s integration into a highly regulated and reputed financial company further expands its scope of being accepted further by similar global houses, especially that of the investment industry.

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