Dragons.tl Lets Your Earn Bitcoin while You Drink


Drinking was never as good as it is at Dragon.tl.

The casino platform, which places its players in a virtual island replete with hidden treasures, also consists of a special gaming section called Drinks. The MMORPG game lets you relax and have a drink for which you get actual bitcoin rewards. 

Though it does sound like any other routine poker feature where one can order a drink for himself and friends, the section turns out to be quite unique.

The bartenders in this virtual platform are generous, not just with alcohol but also bitcoins. As confirmed by Dragons.tl, the virtual bartenders serving the players their drinks have a knack of putting Bitcoins in them. So, the game is just not about adding an air of romance around your avatar as you waltz around with a glass of alcohol in your hand, there’s an actual opportunity to make some easy money.

One can continue playing the game after buying the drink; the avatar can take the drink along while occasionally sipping from it. It takes a few minutes to finish the drink. After the drink is done with, you’ll either find some Bitcoins at the bottom of your glass, if not, the drink will be “tasty and satisfying” for your avatar, which means that the drink paid zero.

This unique feature of rewarding their players with Bitcoins is what sets Dragons.tl apart from other Bitcoin casinos. Well, the name Dragons.tl is probably a hint at the rewards that can be won here. Another feature of Dragons.tl that totally differentiates it from its counterparts is the way it replaces the standard slot machines and card tables with a world of “blue skies, trees, plains, water, bars, castles and a lot of avatars running around.”

Dragons.tl offers many more games that will not just entertain but also profit the players. If you are curious about them, click here.