Dragons.tl is Creative and the Most Fun-Filled Bitcoin Casino


Bitcoin based gaming platforms are dime a dozen. Most of these platforms are regular online casinos that allows players to place bets on various games available on the platform. These games are designed along the lines of conventional casinos with slot machines, poker table, blackjack, roulette wheel, craps and other gambling games.

These Bitcoin gambling platforms do not make use of the freedom of imagination readily offered by the online mode of delivery to come up with innovative design. Currently, Bitcoin based gaming and gambling platforms are almost same as the conventional online platform except for the payment option which is limited only to digital currency or has digital currency as one of the options.

Among all the Bitcoin gambling platforms, Dragon’s Tale stands apart, thanks to its interest take on how a gambling platform should be. The game developers have also draw n some influence from their earlier works as well. Dragon’s Tale is developed by eGenesis, one of the leading gaming company out there. They had earlier developed another Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game – A Tale in the Desert and this experience has proved invaluable in the development of Dragon’s Tale.

Dragon’s Tale – Old Wine in a New Bottle

Some of the mini-games on Dragon’s Tale are built around the basic gambling games, except for the way it is presented. Almost all gamblers would have played/wagered on a roulette wheel. We all know how roulette wheel works and the way it looks. It is represented the same way even on online gambling platforms. But not on Dragon’s Tale.

One of the mini-games called Silly Monkey is also known as Monkey Roulette. Like regular roulette, player will place his bet on one of the fruit tiles inside the monkey’s enclosure. After placing the bet, the player has to open the cage with monkey in it and hope for the monkey to land on the fruit tile on which the bet was placed. If the monkey lands on any other tile, then the player will lose his bet.

Comparing with regular roulette, the roulette wheel is spun and a roulette ball or pill is then placed into the spinning wheel. Players will bet on a number present on the roulette wheel. If the ball lands on that number once the wheel stops, then the person who bet on that number is considered as a winner.

Silly Monkey is same as roulette, except for a roulette ball, which is replaced by a monkey that jumps around. There are other variants of the game as well which can be compared to conventional games.

Those interested in experiencing the game first hand can do so at the following link.

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