Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices


Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices

Finding an honest and reliable gambling website can appear like a very difficult task these days. Especially in times, when experts have concluded that 25% of the online frauds are committed on such websites, a common online player might face a dilemma while getting associated with them.

Dragons.Tl, an online gambling website itself, understands the complexities of a consumer’s mind. Ever since its inception, the company has worked round the clock to establish itself as a one true ‘diamond-in-the-rough’. It has made sure to win the trust of its expanding clientele by offering them with enough security protocols to liquidate their funds if, in case, they smell fire.

The reason why an online gambler should trust Dragons.Tl with closed eyes is its traceability. The gambling website is developed and moderated by eGenesis. With more than 11 years of game development experience, eGenesis (Pittsburgh, Pa) has become an award winning industry leader in innovative game play with “A Tale in the Desert”. Since its launch on February 15th 2003, the game has won numerous awards and received nominations including Game of the Year from DIY Games.

With such a responsible backers, Dragons.Tl surely hits customers as one of the most reliable and fair betting platforms available online today. The website further ensures all of its gamed to be fair, with outcomes based on random and/or pseudo-random number generators. It further promises to do everything possible to keep the servers running smoothly.

“Occasionally we may experience a server crash, and when that happens the servers will roll back a few minutes,” Dragon.Tl states. “If you lose Bitcoins due to a server crash, we’ll do everything we can to verify any lost jackpots, and reimburse you for them.”

Dragon.Tl only operates through Bitcoin.