Dragon’s Tale – Try your Luck with The Fireworks Game


Dragon’s Tale is the hottest Bitcoin casino around. It presents a whole new way to online gambling entertainment. By mixing up a role play style with gambling, Dragon’s Tale has become the most original Casino in the whole Bitcoin gambling industry.

The Casino is filled with exotic games, tournaments and other events where players can actually get some real profits.

One of these exotic games is the Fireworks Game. In fact, at Dragon’s Tale players will find a whole lot of different Fireworks games, each one with its own specificity. Basically, this game is just an exotic slots game with several variants for players with different levels.

Players will be able to launch a brilliant pyrotechnic display from the hill around town. Five shells illuminate the Islands of Dragon’s Tale. When a Player launches the fireworks, five shells will appear, if at least three of them have the same matching color the player wins. Each variant of the Fireworks game has its own special shells.

To play, players can bet anywhere from 10 kSAT to 1 or 10 Bitcoins (depending on the location), which launches 5 fireworks. To win, you must get a certain combination of ingredients, which will be different in each variety of the game. For instance if you play the Tea Fireworks you will launch 5 fireworks representing different teas, while if you play the Dynasty Fireworks you will launch 5 fireworks that represent the different Chinese Dynasties.

The betting levels and payouts for the Fireworks game will also change from island to island. The Fireworks game is strictly a luck game however players can use different strategies to get the most chances of earning from the game.

If you are looking for the best place to start gambling with your Bitcoins, Dragon’s Tale is definitely the one Casino you need to try.

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