Dragon’s Tale – Search the Soldier Statues and Find some Coins


Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices

Dragon’s Tale is one Massively Multiplayer Casino Role Play game that has introduced a whole new concept to gambling. Dragon’s Tale is a Casino like no other. In the virtual world of Dragon’s Tale players will have the chance to try out new and exciting games that will give them the chance to earn some bitcoins.

Players can interact with almost everything in the game, and at the start they will have a little help from the Chinese soldier statues they will find along the way. By searching these soldiers statues, players can actually find some coins to start playing. Players will also need to level up, and for that, Dragon’s Tale offers a wonderful community always willing to help.

Soldier statues will be a great way for newcomers to start. They can open a free account, and get some coins just by searching the Soldier Statues. The soldiers offer gifts of real Bitcoins. Usually a player will be able to find from a Bitmill to a maximum of 5 bitcoins, and there are stories of new players earning 2 or 3 coins.

Once a player finds a Chinese Soldier Statue he will be able to interact with it. When a player clicks the statue a menu will display asking if he wants to search the statue. Players will only be able to search one time for each statue. If a player tries to search a second time, the statue will say to the player that searching for more than one time is disrespectful and he might even get a penalty and won’t be able to find any coins in any of the Statues for a long time. So, if you are going to ask the statues some coins, you better remember that.

Dragon’s Tale is a community game with a lot of fun things to do. If you haven’t played this awesome game before, it’s probably about time you give it a try.

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