Dragon’s Tale Rewards You to Hang Out at the Bar


Dragon’s Tale is definitely the one for all the easy going folks out there. The casino platform offers bitcoin rewards for trivial travails like smoking a cigar, having a drink and the like.

Dragon’s Tale is a MMORPG gambling platform which offers unique mini games and adventures to the thrill seekers but also rewards them to take a break. The platform with its game called Round of Drinks, rewards players for hanging out at the bar. The game is also probably the reason behind its strong online community!

Round of Drinks entails a player buying drinks for the players standing near the bar. The cost of a round of drinks depends on the specific drink and the number of players participating in the round. Each drink costs different and it’s on player’s discretion to choose which drink to buy for a round.

The price of the drink does affect the total reward for the game. Therefore, the more expensive the drink, the higher the prize. The drinks come in different levels: Refreshing, Gentle, Lovely, Quenching, Natural, Sparkling, Fresh, Perfect, and Emperor’s which means that every level has an influence over the total prize of the game as well.

There are only three possible outcomes of each round served, either the player wins some money, or he will have his vision blurred and fall over sideways, but will keep any money won so far, or, in a third option, he will blackout, fall face-first, and lose all the money won so far.

Playing the game is simple as the player just needs to click their avatar or the other player’s avatar and select the option to buy a drink. The best feature of the game is that not only the friends and players around get free drinks but also get a chance to win some good rewards as well.

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