Dragon’s Tale – Play the Wishing Well game and earn some Bits


Dragon’s Tale is an online Bitcoin Casino far different from any you have ever seen. It is the first of its kind and the only casino role-play-game in the Bitcoin casino gambling industry.

In the giant world of Dragon’s Tale players will be able to find hundreds of both skill, and luck based games that you have never seen before. Many of these casino based mini-games are just exquisite versions of many of the classic games like slots while others are completely different from what you are used to.

One of these exotic games is the Wishing Well. In this game, players must drink the cool clean waters from the aquifers that run bellow the islands of Dragon’s Tale. The water running on the wells in the game are interconnected, and guess what, these connections shift over time. So, the whole purpose of the game will be to understand how these shifts behave.  Once the players understand how these shifts behave, they will be able to collect the best clean water. Finding the best clean water will reward them with several bits.

The Wishing Well game is a game of game of skill. To win this game you need to understand the water shifts behavior. However, I’ll give you a hint; try to play it when its night in the game and you might get lucky!

Dragon’s Tale is one of those games that you really need to try it out. So if you haven’t registered for an account and downloaded the software, this is surely the right time to do it!


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