Dragon’s Tale – Play the Plantfalls game and find some Bitcoins


Dragon’s Tale is an original Bitcoin based Massive Multiplayer Casino Role Play Game that offers players the possibility of earning bitcoins. It is a fun and unique Bitcoin Casino Game that is completely different from any conventional online Casino.

At Dragon’s Tale player will find hundreds of exquisite casino based minigames where players can try their luck. Many of these games are simply luck-based games while others require skill and strategy in order to collect some rewards.

Today, we will be talking about the Plantfalls game. The Flora around Drago’s Tale is said to hold stashes of Bitcoins. You can hide coins there yourself. The Plantsfalls game is a luck-based game that is very easy to play and can be found in any of the Islands that comprise this virtual role play game. Scattered around the island you’ll find many grasses and shrubs. You can bet on these by clicking on the grass or shrub then clicking the “Hide a bitmill” button. This puts money into the plant. If you win, money will fall out the plant. If you lose, your money is “hidden” in the plant and is added to the random pot winnings for the next winner. Sometimes a plant will be so heavy with Bitcoins that a stack will fall out! If not, your coins can be found by another player.

Most plants and shrubs require a 1 BTM bet. However, there are a few 10 kSAT plants on Zhifu (bamboo, laurel shrub, and river reed), as well as a few 10 BTM plants (bamboo and quince). Different grasses and shrubs have different payout structures.

When playing plantfalls it is good to have a large starting bankroll so that you don’t go broke before you find a “lucky” plant. A bankroll of at least 100 BTM is recommended for 1 BTM plants, and a 10 BTM bankroll is recommended for 10 kSAT plants.

Dragon’s Tale is a very fun and entertaining game. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can create a free account now and start looking for rewarding shrubs.

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