Dragon’s Tale – Play the Monkey Roll Cage and earn Bitcoin


Dragon’s Tale is one of the oldest Bitcoin Casinos in the bitcoin gambling industry. The Casino managed to develop a game where player’s roleplay and gamble through several casino-based mini games.

It is a fun game where you enrol a character and go around gambling meeting people in a fantastic Casino world. At Dragon’s Tale, players will also be able to interact with practically everything in the game environment, meaning that they can bet on pretty much anything. Aside, specific mini-games, they can also bet at Trees, leaves, benches, bushes, Wells, and much more.

Silly Monkey is one of these fun mini games. It is a simplistic version of the Monkey Rolette Game, and its essence is nearly the same. It is a game of guessing. The player will need to guess which fruit the monkey will land on so that they can win a reward.

To bet on fruit, click on its Tile. It will show you what it will pay if the monkey chooses that fruit. Some tiles are jackpot tiles, and others are community tiles. Jackpot titles are the ones you can bet on and will pay equal to the payout multiplied by the bets placed there.

This game has the potential to turn a few Bitmills into hundreds of Bitcoins. If you place your bet on a fruit with a very high payout that the monkey chooses. Even if you do risk it on a long shot, you can still win a good amount if the monkey lands on a community tile which the monkey could land on even if he goes in the opposite direction of your fruit always giving you a chance of winning.

If you have some time to spare, you need to give Dragon’s Tale a try. You can visit Dragon’s Tale right now to open a free account.

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