Dragon’s Tale – Play Tea Ceremony and Win Bitcoin Rewards


Dragon’s Tale is the most exquisite and original online Casino in the Bitcoin Gambling Industry. It is a mix of gambling and role playing that has produced a wonderful and exclusive game where players can learn all about Bitcoin. Newcomers can open an account without making a deposit and go around the virtual world trying to find small amounts of Bitcoin to use them in the several mini games throughout the game.

One example of the mini games you can find within this virtual world is the Tea Ceremony. The Team Ceremony is a fun low\high stakes skill-based game that you can play with other players. In Tea Ceremony you have to get the highest value ‘hand/tea set’ out of all the unfolded players, at the end of the round. The ‘hands’ are different colored teas. So, you will need to make different color combinations to make the most out of it.

Unlike many of the other mini games in Dragon’s Tale, the Team Ceremony is a bit complex. At first you can see only the values in your own hand/table of teas, but as play progresses you may be able to see others. On your turn, you may lock a table of teas, preventing it from being stolen, but also revealing it to other players. Do this with tables you want to keep. Or you may switch one of your own tables with one of another player, in an attempt to improve your own hand/tea set. However, you will need to take care because this may backfire. You may also raise during your turn. In the end if you play it right and win the round, you win all the BTM in the Teapot.

The Tea Ceremony is just one in many of the fun games you will find in Dragon’s Tale. If you like to gamble and you also love role play games, Dragon’s Tale may just be the right game for you!

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