Dragon’s Tale – Play Feather Tree and Earn Bitcoin Rewards


Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices

Dragon’s Tale is an original Casino game that only accepts Bitcoin. The game is currently the only one in the Bitcoin realm that offers players the chance to roam around a virtual world inspired by the Chinese culture and find unique casino-based games. Dragon’s Tale is in fact a game like no other; it was able to unite two distinct game styles and made it in a splendid way.

Today we will be talking about the Feather Tree Game. This game is a different from all the games, since it cannot be considered neither a skill nor a luck based game. It is a game of patience and it offers players a sure win.

To play the game players will need to purchase a license for 30 BTM. The license can be acquired from the Herbal Resources department and only primary accounts are permitted to purchase this license, and that means only one license per player.  One cool aspect of the game is that the more people that bought licenses, the less each frond is worth, and there is no way to tell who has a license.

The game is played over a month and offers a random award every day for 30 days straight. Players will need to harvest the tree at least one time per day for 30 days straight and every day they will be able to harvest one frond from the Feather Tree, precisely at 7:00 EST. If a player doesn’t collect his frond in a given day, his frond’s value will be lost and will be added to the next day’s pot. Fronds have high variance ranging from a few hundred SAT up to several BTM.

This game is only opened for player with at least level 5 and the only working Feather Tree can only be found in one of the Dragon’s Tale Island called Xinren. So, if you’re interested in playing this game and you still don’t have an account, you better get one fast because you will need to level up your character to play the Feather Tree game.

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