Dragon’s Tale – Place your Bet in Beetle Racing

Games Developer eGenesis is Launching ‘Dragon’s Tale’ Powered by Bitcoins
Games Developer eGenesis is Launching ‘Dragon’s Tale’ Powered by Bitcoins

Dragon’s Tale is an online free-to-play Bitcoin Casino Multiplayer Role Play Game where players are allowed to pick a character and roam around the game meeting other player, completing tasks, and gambling for bitcoin. In this remarkable game, players will certainly find a lot of fun and original games that you won’t find in any other online Casino.

Dragon’s Tale was able to introduce a new kind of entertainment by offering a community based Casino Role play Game where player will find dozens of unique mini-games capable of providing lots and lots of fun. Besides mini-games, players will also be able to find several tournaments and other events managed and organized by the community.

One of the funniest games you will find in Dragon’s Tale is the Beetle Derby. The Beetle Derby is sort of like betting on horse racing, but in this case, huge beetles race against each other while player bet on the final outcome of the race. However, in the Beetle race a player can gain an edge over other players by making a careful analysis of the playfield.

Each beetle has a speed and a personality that affects its movement. The beetles race and as an added twist, there are objects randomly placed along the race track that affect the beetles movements.

Before the race starts, players are able to choose from one of eight beetles, and they are able to take a look at the racetrack which can greatly help them determine their best strategy. Players can place their bets in three options:

Win: betting on a specific beetle to get the first place;

Place: betting that the beetle will win first or second Place:

Show: betting that the beetle will get first second or third.

Each of the objects lying on the race course will have a specific effect on the beetles. Meaning that the player who knows what is this by hand he will have an extra advantage to win his bet.

Dragon’s Tale is also full of surprises, and from time to time players can find a completely new game to have fun with. If you haven’t tried out Dragon’s Tale before, you don’t know what you are missing!


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