Dragon’s Tale – Party with your Friends and Earn Bitcoins


Dragon’s Tale is one of those most unconventional casino games that has managed to tie down several completely different gaming styles into one magnificent downloadable platform.  The game is comprised of hundreds of original and fun Casino-based minigames that allows players to easily earn some bitcoins.

There are all sort of casino-based minigames to choose from and many of these minigames are as simple as the regular games you will find in any other casino. One of these interesting games is the Cigar Smoking.  When a player smokes the cigar, both the player and other players standing nearby will win money from the “whiffs” of the cigar smoke. Many players actually use this game to make smoking parties and all the players invited to the party will be able to benefit from the cigarettes that are being smoked.

To purchase a cigar, player just needs to go to a bar, click on a humidor, and click on the cigar they wish to purchase. When a player wishes to celebrate for some reason, perhaps after winning a huge jackpot, the player can go to a bar and buy a cigar from a humidor. The amount that a player will be able to win from the cigarette “whiffs” depends on the cigar itself and for that, players will have a big list to choose from and the higher priced the cigars will be the more it tends to offer a larger reward from the “whiffs” than less expensive cigars.

To take advantage of “whiffs” from someone else’s cigar, a player simply needs to go where the cigar is being smoked. It’s not necessary to stand right on top of the person smoking. In fact, some players consider that to be rude.  If you stand too long in one place (approximately 5 minutes), the game will consider you to be “afk” and you will not get any “whiffs”, so you will need to move around once in awhile.

If you still don’t have a Dragon’s Tale account, you can get one now and go to the bar to buy a cigarette and have some profitable whiffs.

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